Notes and resources on research and innovation management

This is a personal website on research and innovation management issues. Some of the articles refer to the biomedical field, my professional area, but most publications are general and useful to all fields.

The objective of this website.

The reality is that I use this web and blog as a public notebook that helps me sort ideas and expand the discussion. The research and innovation activity is complex. Its management includes many roles that are played by personnel with primary management functions to researchers at senior levels. There is much to learn and rethink, and this web is a tool to get going.

My goal in science and innovation management.

I am passionate about science and I am passionate about science contributing to a better future for humanity. My ambition is to participate in this joint objective, to contribute to the best of my ability, helping teams to deliver excellence in their research activity.

In my experience each team of researchers or innovators needs similar general management estructures but also support adapted to their needs. Sometimes it is necessary to lead and sometimes it is more efficient to collaborate with existing staff and talent and transfer required competencies. Sometimes strategic planning on the lines and products in development has to be redone; other times the ideas, the analysis of opportunities and impact are robust but it is necessary to improve the construction and writing of proposals in public funding calls.

A guide to start. The most critical topics for research leaders.

Point to your intrinsic value. Identify which are the unique knowledge assets in your laboratory or company. Focus your organizational efforts on improving them. This is the most direct way to improve your research results and their reach.

Your laboratory should be actively open to collaboration. Deepen existing collaborations and develop new relationships with research partners in the academic world, the users, and industry, locally, nationally and globally.

Impact through the exchange of knowledge. Plan and study the impact of your team’s research results. What market are they transferred to, who are the intermediaries and interfaces for transfer and commercialisation. Establish open innovation collaborations with professionals and structures with these roles. Promote a culture of public discussion of your research in your team.

Keep policies and practices of high quality in a changing environment. The frontier of knowledge, the market demands, internal and external financing rules, etc., change rapidly in research and innovation. However, a constant policy in your team should be a self-demand of a high quality in all research-based evidence creation activities. The experiments have to be reproducible, the materials of repeatable characteristics, etc.


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