2019 ERC Proof of Concept call results

The ERC Proof of Concept grant scheme just announced its funded projects for the second 2019 call. In doing so it reached the 1000th project approved for funding since the scheme started in 2011. This programme is amazing in many ways. It is a great translational boost for good science all over the EU. It’s also a huge resource for intelligence on innovative ideas and leading researchers on almost any field. The ERC has an online search engine for all ERC funded projects that makes it easy to find projects by year or even by domain (not for PoC grants though).

For this round of the call 62 projects were selected for funding. I find interesting that the UK secured the most PoC grants with 10 and that many of the UK based projects are led by nationals from other countries. ​A full list of the newly funded projects can be found here.